Why does Good to Grab is the right app for you.

We dreamed of an India where no good food goes to waste or bin. Every day, unsold food from your favourite restaurants, grocery stores, cafés, and shops go to waste simply because it has not sold in time. Good To Grab makes it easy to make a difference, allowing you to save Magic Bags of good food at a great price.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

What Kind Of Products Are Available On The App

We Work With Different Stores And Restaurants. This Means You Can Discover Everything From Groceries At Supermarkets To BreakfastAt Hotels, Even Fresh Pastries From Bakeries. Any Type Of Fresh Food That Is Within Its Use-By Date Can Also Be Offered Through TheApp.

What's Inside Your Magic Bag

Within your Magic Bag, you will discover a mix of tasty and good-quality foods, groceries, and baked treats. These special things are picked from the extra food available at the restaurant. They are still fresh, yummy, and ready for you to enjoy.

How Can I Reserve The Magic Bag

Getting your Magic Bag is super simple. Just use our app to see what is available near you, choose what you like, and reserve it. Then, get ready to pick up your bag right from the restaurant at the specified time.

Can Magic Bag Delivered To My Home

Our commitment to reducing food waste goes hand in hand with our dedication to taking care of the environment. This is why we have made the choice not to offer home delivery as of now. By avoiding extra transportation, we are staying true to our mission of lowering our carbon footprint and cutting down on CO2 emissions while promoting our agenda of local businesses, local customers.

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Be a sustainable hero today; the Earth will thank you tomorrow." Rescuing one meal at a time, saving food, and nurturing the environment for a brighter, greener tomorrow, Join us!