Generate extra revenue from surplus food, Benefiting you, your customers, and the planet.

With Good to Grab, your business has the potential to earn 50% of the revenue from each overstock product sold. This helps you cover production costs and prevents wastage.

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How Does It Work?

Complete the business form above, and one of our business executives will reach out to you for a further discussion. Once you're registered, you can list your surplus food on the app, making your Magic Bags available to local customers. Customer find your Magic Bags at your restaurant and can reserve them for collection at the designated pick-up time you have agreed upon.

How Does It Work?

Customer arrives to you display their order from the app, and collect their magic Bag. By selling your surplus food, you not only cover your expenses but also make a positive contribution to the environment. You can track your earnings using the app, and every week, you'll receive your payout.

What to know?

How does this help my Store

The Good To Grab app helps you cut down on surplus food and get money for items you might have thrown away. By listing surplus food on the app, it expands your customer base, reduces food waste, enhances your brand image, attracts more customers, and aids in financial recovery.

How much does it cost

Joining Good To Grab is totally free and you won't have any costs unless you actually sell food using the app. We only charge a small commission for each order you make through our platform. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team, and we will help you understand the process.

How will I receive payments

You'll receive the money you've made through Good To Grab every week. Just provide us with your bank account information, which you can easily do through the app.

There Is Surplus Food All Around, Whether It's From Groceries, Supermarkets, Or Restaurants. Our Mission Is To Ensure That Good Food Is Enjoyed, Not Wasted


In A Bakery, There Is Often A Lot Of Extra Or Surplus Food. This Can Include Things Like Bread, Cakes, And Pastries That Did Not Get Sold On Time. Our Goal Is To Make Sure That This Yummy Food Does Not End Up Going To Waste. Instead, We Want To Find Ways To Share It With People Who Would Love To Enjoy It.


Restaurants Can Also Have Surplus Food. Sometimes They Cook More Food Than Customer’s Order. Sometimes, Customers Cancel Their Orders, Or External Factors Like Strikes Or Bad Weather Can Affect Business. By Joining Our Platform, You Can Expand Your Reach To A Broader Local Customer’s. This Can Assist You In Reducing Food Waste And Providing Nutritious Meals To Customers While Also Helping You Save On Costs And Contributing Positively To The Environment.


In Grocery Stores, You Can Often Find Items That Are Near Their Expiration Dates Or Have Minor Imperfections, But They Are Still Delicious And Safe To Consume. Join Our App To Reach A Larger Customer Base.